We Have a Code to Get 5 Free Pro Drafts in ‘MLB Perfect Inning 15’

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If you’re playing Gamevil’s new baseball game MLB Perfect Inning 15 (Free) and want to get some cool player cards for free, we’ve got the hookup. Use the code TOUCHARCADE in the game, and you will get 5 Pro Drafts for free. This code is good until May 30th, and can only be used once. To redeem it, go to the game’s home screen, and select the “Event" button. Then, choose the “Enter your promo code here" banner. Type in the TOUCHARCADE code, and you’ll get your five free Pro Drafts in your mailbox in the game.

MLB Perfect Inning Code

The game is all about getting players and building up the best team you possibly can, so hopefully this gets you off to a good start if you’re playing the game. And hey, it’s baseball season, might as well play all the baseball games you can, eh?

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