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‘Shooting Stars’ Has a Cat That Shoots Rainbow Lasers

Bloodirony Games has just announced their new game Shooting Stars, and it’s looking like quite the spectacle. They’re describing it as a shoot ’em up with roguelike elements…and a bearded dude with glasses on a hoverboard, holding a cat that shoots rainbow lasers. The dude’s name is Tscherno, and he must try to save Earth from being taken over by evil aliens who have taken the form of celebrities to control all human life. A sacred rainbow unicorn has given you the mission to free the celebrities – because truly, the are the future – and to fight back those evil aliens. Check out the radical trailer:

That concept alone has me quite intrigued, then you throw in loads of enemies, powerful weapons, celebrity pastiches, rainbows? Sure! They’re even promising loot to be collected, with roguelike elements, so I’m curious how that all will work. There will be a daily challenge mode, which is something that more mobile games should have! Shooting Stars is expected to release sometime this summer for mobile first, before a later PC release. You can sign up on their website to beta-test the game, and there’s a forum thread to chat about it. This game is looking really promising.