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Puzzling Roguelike ‘MicRogue’ Finally Has a Release Date

Jason Pickering and Crescent Moon Games’ MicRogue finally has a release date: April 30th. This puzzling, pixelly, roguelike game had been a bit mired in Apple approvals, but it’s finally approved and will be releasing to the world in a couple of weeks. This one promises to be a challenging little game. Our hands-on video from GDC shows off a bit of the game, and how it’s going to be pretty difficult to get all the way to floor 10:

MicRogue is all about playing smart to fool enemies by getting on spikes, and bopping them without them hurting you. Being swallowed by blobs? That’s gonna hurt. Getting burnt alive is rough too. It’s very easy to pick up and play as there’s just taps, and it’s actually pretty fast-paced, but again: it’s gonna be real tough to beat. Good luck with that when MicRogue comes out on April 30th, and for $1.99.