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Post-Apocalyptic Platformer ‘Drylands’ Launches Tomorrow, Check Out the New Trailer

Last week we went hands-on with Drylands, a post-apocalyptic action platformer RPG that was inspired by classics like Wasteland and Fallout. Long story short, we liked what we saw and thought Drylands showed a lot of promise. If you’ve been hoping to get your own hands on Drylands, then good news: developer Angry Bugs has announced the official release date for the game, and it’s soon. Like tomorrow, April 15th soon. Check out the brand new trailer.

I love platformers, and throw in some RPG elements and awesome pixel art in a post-apocalyptic setting and I’m definitely sold. It’s always nice to get excited for an upcoming game, and then it comes out in a timely fashion. In this case, just over a week after our preview. I love when that happens! Be sure to check out Drylands when it hits later this week.