‘Candy Crush Soda Saga’ Level Guide – Levels 21 Through 40

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Continuing from where I left off last time, this is the next in the series of guides I’m writing to cover tips and strategies for clearing each and every level of Candy Crush Soda Saga (Free). Before I get into the specific level tips, I’ll once again remind the reader that like many other free-to-play puzzle games, Candy Crush Soda Saga will sometimes deal you a combination of pieces you cannot win with. While these strategies will help you, they’re not magic bullets. Rather, they’re advice to help you make the most of the times when you do have a chance to win. Persistence and patience are your greatest weapons.

Level 21: This level sets up a familiar trick seen in the Candy Crush games. There’s a very nice coloring candy power-up sitting in the middle of the screen, and the game itself might be guiding you to use it right away. Don’t be tempted. The goal here is to pop seven soda bottles, all of which are trapped in licorice cages. If that coloring candy can help you clear some of them out, by all means use it, but otherwise, wait until there are adjacent candies of the proper color. Your best friends in this stage are jelly fish and packaged candy bombs. A well-placed horizontal striped candy can clean things up in a hurry, but it’s tricky to get that where it needs to be. Instead, focus on the relatively easy process of making jelly fish and matching them with each other.

Photo 2015-04-11, 17 24 20Level 22: The first big obstacle here is the cluster of cupcakes above the gummi bear. There are two packaged candies inside that will clear out most of them if you can get at them. Striped candies are great here as they can easily trigger one or both. The next problem you’ll likely have is with the licorice cages near the middle of the screen. Jelly fish or well-placed striped candies can take care of those, leaving only a single line of cupcakes between you and the goal. Use packaged candies or regular matches to clear the way, and head on to the next stage.

Level 23: This level is really tricky. You need to uncover all of the gummi bears from under the frosted squares, and you don’t have a lot of moves to do it. Initially, you’ll want to just clear out as much of the board as possible. Packaged candies and striped candies are great for this, and if you can make a combination of any two of those, that’s even better. As you get down to the last few squares, change your focus over to making jelly fish. In the beginning there are too many targets for them to be useful, but as you get down to the last few, they’re your best hope.

Level 24: After that last level, this one is sort of a breather. Make a match in the bottom area to get the ball rolling. Try not to drop the bear if you can help it. Soda bottles should start spawning from the bottom as you make matches. Just match them up until the soda level is high enough and do what you have to in order to raise the bear past the necklace. Remember, if you’re ever having trouble getting pieces out of the way of the bear, jelly fish will home in those pieces if there aren’t any other more attractive targets. This stage is pretty easy, luckily.

Level 25: The easy times don’t last for long, however. This stage has you back to the task of clearing out frosted squares to uncover gummi bears. The size of the board is smaller than the one found in Level 23, but there are licorice cages getting in the way. Even with that addition, this one is a bit easier to swallow. Tight quarters make it easier to create power-up candies, after all. Jelly fish will help you remove the cages, while packaged and striped candies will help clear out the frosting. Use jelly fish to mop up at the end, as usual.

Photo 2015-04-11, 17 24 15Level 26: This stage has three boards to it, each with a single gummi bear you need to raise above a necklace. You don’t have very many moves, so you need to take care of each one as efficiently as possible. The first two boards are pretty easy. Just match a few soda bottles, clear out the cupcakes above the bear, and be on your way. The key is to do that in as few moves as possible. Power-ups don’t carry over to the next board, so don’t waste your time making them if you aren’t going to immediately use them. The third board offers a sprinkle candy to help you out. Use it right away to hopefully unlock one of the three soda bottles locked in the licorice cages. Try to make packaged bombs or jelly fish to help you pop the remaining bottles. The key to this level is getting through those first two boards in only a few moves each.

Level 27: This one can be really tough if you don’t approach it the right way. You need to pop eight soda bottles, but most of them are stuck in hard-to-access single squares, separated from the rest of the board. The key here is jelly fish, and plenty of them. If you can match two sets of double jelly fish, the stage will be pretty much over. Horizontal striped candies can also be useful here if they land in the right place, but you don’t really have enough moves to fuss around with that, so focus on the fish instead.

Level 28: The good news is that you only need to uncover one gummi bear this time. The bad news is, it’s a big one. The worse news is that most of it is covered in frosting topped with either cupcakes or licorice cages. You need packaged candies, and lots of them. If you can match a packaged candy with another packaged candy, most of the work will be done. Matching a packaged candy with a striped candy is also very helpful here. Jelly fish are almost useless here since many of the frosted squares they’ll home in on have nothing underneath them. Striped candies help a little bit, but if you can’t put some packaged ones together, you won’t get far.

Level 29: Coming after a batch of fairly unforgiving levels, this one is a lot of fun. It consists of two boards where you have to raise a gummi bear above a necklace. Each board has a coloring candy power-up surrounded by an awful lot of cupcakes. The required soda bottles are also surrounded by cupcakes, but not very many. If you can hit the coloring candies with a striped candy, go for it. Otherwise, you don’t actually need them to beat this stage, and focusing on them can actually cost you the victory. Just match along the sides of each cupcake cluster to pop the soda bottles within, then get back to raising the bear. Jelly fish aren’t much help here due to their insistence on every cupcake being gone before they’ll go after other things, so you might have to use vertical striped candies to bring each bear home.

Photo 2015-04-11, 17 24 09Level 30: I hoped you enjoyed that little break, because this level is just mean. You have to uncover the bears, and the field is filled with multi-layered cupcakes. Making matters worse, the field has an odd shape with some nooks and crannies that you’ll need to clear out. The game gives you one of each of the most powerful power-ups, which should give you some hint about how this is going to go. First of all, make sure every match is removing something. You don’t have moves to spare at all here. Striped candies are very helpful, and if you can manage to combine one with the coloring candy, the sprinkle candy, or both, you’ll have a much easier time. Otherwise, clear the field with stripes as much as you can before switching to jelly fish to clean up. It’s very important to match low in the playing field here whenever possible. The relatively small mix of colors makes it easy to kick off chain reactions.

Level 31: Hey, you made it! Now the real challenge starts. This level introduces chocolate, the biggest pain the rear the game has to offer until bubble gum makes the scene. The way it works is that if you don’t remove at least one piece of chocolate each turn, it will spread to one adjacent square. It’s easy to end up further behind than where you started when chocolate is in play. This level is just introducing it, so the field is quite small. It’s a pretty easy stage to clear as a result. Just make matches until all the chocolate is gone.

Level 32: You have to eat all the chocolate once again in this stage. This time, it’s blocked off by cupcakes, which will prevent it from spreading until you remove one of them. The game gives you three packaged candies, but they can cause trouble just as easily as they can help. You have far more moves than you actually need to finish this one, so take advantage of them. Set up some special candies in the upper part of the field, away from the cupcakes. Then remove a cupcake or two carefully and let fly. The combination of a striped candy and a packaged one is particularly potent against chocolate, if you can swing it. Use jelly fish to mop up.

Level 33: A brief reprieve from the chocolate, this stage has you searching for gummi bears under the frosting once again. Though the frosting is thicker than before, this stage isn’t very different from Level 23 or Level 25. The same strategies apply. Use packaged candies and striped candies to clear the board, don’t bother with jelly fish until the very end, and try to make matches lower in the playfield to create chains as new pieces fall in. You don’t have many moves, so you’re going to need to make use of some combos like two packaged candies or a packaged plus striped candy if you want to win.

Level 34: This is an interesting stage, and a nice bit of sorbet after the brutal Level 33. Your goal is to raise five gummi bears above the candy necklace, but when you start the level there’s only one gummi bear and nary a soda bottle in sight. This is a scrolling stage where you have to drop the first bear all the way down to the bottom to get to the soda bottles and remaining bears. Try to make as many power-ups as you can on the way down, and when you start your climb, be careful not to leave any bears behind or you’ll end up having to go back for them. The screen scrolls with your highest bear. Jelly fish are enormously useful here, as are strategically placed vertical striped candies. All in all, this is a pretty light stage compared to the last couple.

Photo 2015-04-11, 17 24 03Level 35: The good times can’t last, however. The chocolate is back in Level 35, and this time it’s not reined in by anything. That means it will start spreading as soon as the stage starts, free from any obstructions. You, on the other hand, are not so lucky. Four blocks of cupcakes will hinder your efforts to get to the heart of the chocolate, and the second-to-bottom row has four holes in it that will prove equally vexing. If you can drop a horizontal striped candy down to the bottom and set it off, you can clear this thing fairly easily, but that can be tough. An easier strategy is to match horizontal striped candies with jelly fish and hope that the fish find a good place. Don’t get too caught up in removing the cupcakes. Unless you can put together a bunch of packaged candy bombs, it’s not worth spending moves on getting them out of the way. They’re not going to be the deciding factor in any case.

Level 36: You’d think after that stage you would deserve a little break, but no such luck. This time, you have to find a mere three gummi bears under the frosting, and they’re not even big ones. The catch is that they’re isolated in the middle of the field under frosting and licorice cages. On top of that, this is one of those stages that scrolls in a weird clock-wise manner. Well, no matter. Isolated targets mean one thing: it’s time to go fishing. Just keeping making jelly fish and firing them off until the center area is cleared out enough for you to make matches in there. Then just match the pieces in the middle until the bears are uncovered.

Level 37: Compared to the last couple of stages, this one is pretty breezy. You have to raise three bears above the necklace at the top of the first field. Each one is in a different section blocked off by cupcakes. The only tricky thing here is that you have very few moves to complete this stage with, so make sure everything you do is working directly towards your goal. Otherwise, just keep the bears moving up and use vertical striped candies to zoom up the screen when you can.

Level 38: This level will teach you a couple of lessons about chocolate, if you haven’t already picked up on them. First, if chocolate has no other choice of squares to spread to, it will consume nearby special candies. Second, if there are no candies around for it to move to, chocolate will not spread. It will not occupy an empty space nor will it take over a blocker piece like a cupcake. This stage wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the low number of moves the game hands you. As is, you’ll need to make extensive use of packaged bombs and vertical striped candies. The latter is more useful early on than the former, since it helps you take out chocolate while leaving the cupcake barriers intact. With no candies to spread to, you can basically take out chocolate pieces without fear. Once the cupcakes are gone, try for more packaged candies to clean things up.

Level 39: Thankfully, there’s no chocolate here. You just have to pop some soda bottles. The hard part is that most of the soda bottles are suspended out of reach in licorice cages. Raise the soda level as much as you can to give yourself some working space, then focus on making jelly fish to knock down the other soda bottles. Once you’ve raised the level high enough, it’s easier to round up any stragglers, but fish are still the best way to go. Just keep an eye on how many moves you have left. All the fish in the world are no good if you have no moves left to launch them.

Level 40: We’re finishing things off for this leg of the guide with another gummi bear hunt. This time, more than half of the screen is filled with cupcakes. Underneath them is frosting, and somewhere under that frosting are the bears you need to uncover. Did you ever see the movie Armageddon? That’s the idea here. We’re going to need to drill. Use vertical striped candies to make a shaft, then drop packaged candies in there to blow up the works. After you’ve got most of the cupcake clutter out of the way, just clear the stage as you did the other ones. Avoid fish until the very end and use plenty of packaged candies to find the bears. Aerosmith soundtrack is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Things are starting to heat up, aren’t they? Things get a lot more difficult from here on out, as you’ll see in the next installment of this guide series. We’ll be covering levels 41 through 60 next time around, so if you’re stuck on one of those levels, hang in there! In the meantime, you can check our general guide for the game. If you’re looking for help with an earlier level, you can also check out the first article in this series. Good luck!

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