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‘Must Deliver’ Takes ‘Touchdown Hero’ and Replaces Football Players with Zombies

The developers of Touchdown Hero (Free), Cherrypick Games, are iterating on that game’s concept with their new game Must Deliver, which is releasing next week. The game starts out the same, as you control a running fellow, who has to dodge a number of enemies in their path. Scoring is similar, as each checkpoint you reach is a point, similar to how each touchdown was a point in that game. But where things change is that you have an ability you can deploy to help fend off your enemies, like a charging kick to clear through foes. These abilities require the pickup of items to charge them up, so it’s not just something you can deploy with impunity.

Must Deliver features a number of characters to unlock in a style similar to Crossy Road Crossy Road (Free), except each character you unlock has a different special move. Each character can be upgraded as well by spending coins, which are earned either in-game or through watching ads. This seems like a clever rejiggering of an existing concept, and you can expect to play this one next week.