‘CastleStorm: Free to Siege’ Gets Updated with PVP Multiplayer Mode

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Zen Studios may be best known for their Zen Pinball (Free) tables, but that’s not all they do. They released CastleStorm: Free to Siege (Free) last year, combining physics puzzler gameplay with strategy elements. Well, Zen Studios has decided to update the game to include PVP multiplayer. You’ll be choosing one of four factions to fight for, choosing one of four regions to fight in (with different bonuses), fortifying your defenses, and then going after different online opponents to try and take them down. It seems to add a raiding-strategy component to a game that’s perfect for it, since CastleStorm has always been about building castles and attacking others’ castles.

While the console CastleStorm had multiplayer, this is definitely sounding like a bit more evolved game from a structural standpoint, though it’s not sounding like it’s real-time like the console multiplayer was. Usually it gets harped on if it’s real-time by developers who make real-time multiplayer games. But with mobile devices, real-time multiplayer is often inconvenient, and it’s easier to provide the multiplayer structure while providing computerized opponents based on other players. If you’re ready to pick this one back up, might be time to dig up the old forum thread for the game!

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