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Inkle’s Hotly-Anticipated ‘Sorcery! 3’ Releases on April 23rd

Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, the game series by Inkle that’s spun off from Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books from the 80s, finally has a confirmed release date: April 23rd. This is far from a gamebook, though: much like Inkle’s 80 Days ($4.99), they’ve taken the gamebook concept and built on it in a way that only digital games can provide. You can explore an open world, and experience the dynamic usage of text in the world. It was one of the most impressive games of GDC 2015, and this should be one of the most promising games when it comes out on the 23rd. Inkle has a released a new trailer for the game:

And of course, check out our extended hands-on demo with Inkle from GDC 2015:

We should have a review very soon after this one releases: it could prove to be a very exciting game if it all pans out in the long-term, but we have no reason to have anything but high expectations for Sorcery 3 based on what we’ve seen and played.