Another SNK Neo Geo Fighting Game, ‘Fatal Fury Special’ Releases on App Store

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Fans of Neo Geo fighting games wanting to play them on the go have yet another title to play with: Fatal Fury Special ($3.99) is now available on iOS. This is an updated version of Fatal Fury 2, adding new characters and re-balancing the characters. This is basically Fatal Fury 2 Turbo, which is fitting since this came out in the heyday of Street Fighter 2 and its myriad refreshes.

Sadly, this port seems like it’s missing a few features that Garou: Mark of the Wolves ($3.99) included, and other Neo Geo ports have included. The Game Center multiplayer has been replaced with just Bluetooth multiplayer. MFi gamepad support is entirely lacking, from various reports. So, caveat emptor – this one might need an update or two before it’s up to the standard of other SNK games. Still, the touch controls in these games are surprisingly decent for the casual fighter, it’s possible that iCade controls are in there, and hey – it’s an SNK fighting game. Do keep an eye on the forum thread for this one for more, though.

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