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You Need to Get Ready for ‘Wrassling’

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WrestleMania was last week, and we heard about WWE 2K this week, but what about wrasslin’? You know, the sport where people try to throw opponents out of the ring and fall from the ceiling? That’s not real? Well, that’s what Wrassling from Golf is Hard (Free) developer Colin Lane and Superhyper ($1.99) developer Folmer Kelly is trying to do. This is kind of like the QWOP ($0.99) or Soccer Physics (Free) take on wrestling, where you can move, jump, and rotate your arms, all in the name of trying to throw your opponents out of the ring without getting thrown out, yourself. Such is the way of the world.

The game gets quite nutty rather fast, as large waves of enemies crowd the ring, and then giant wrestlers get involved, and it’s just all-around absurd. Also, you can wear a hat. This one’s nearing the end of development, and will be available for free with the ability to buy IAP to remove ads.

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