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The Long-Awaited ‘Forgotten Memories’ Will Finally Bring its Survival Horror to the App Store Next Month

Forgotten Memories is a game that has been kicking around in some form of production since at least 2009, as you can tell from the 600-page forum thread chronicling the game. You may have thought this was vaporware, never to be seen again. You thought wrong, as Psychoz Interactive is at last bringing their episodic survival horror game to the world on April 23rd. Inspired by the ’90s games that brought the genre to prominence, you’ll be playing as Rose Hawkins, waking up in a strange place as she looks for a girl named Eden. Check out the trailer for Episode 1 below, with the URL “eEeevL," which seems like a premonition:

Psychoz is not just promising “classic survival horror mechanics," but also Metal-powered visuals including dynamic lighting and HDR. While they say accurate touch control is in the game, MFi gamepads are also supported. This one’s expected to release on a variety of platforms, but iOS is getting it first, on April 23rd, as a premium game with no IAP. We hope to get our hands on this one for a preview soon before release, so stay tuned for more on this long-anticipated game.