‘Atari Fit’ is an…Atari Fitness App, What?

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Atari recently has been in the news with a whole bunch of drama over Jeff Minter’s TxK, and the veteran game developer has lamented that Atari isn’t what it once was. Well, coincidentally, we caught wind of what Atari’s doing now, and apparently it’s Atari Fit (Free) which is a gamified fitness app with the Atari name on it.

There are over 100 exercises available in Atari Fit, which you can unlock by burning calories or buying them with in-app purchases. It’s possible to join a team of workout buddies and track your collective stats. Wearables and aggregator services like Apple Health are supported. You can even unlock Atari games to play in the app. This seems kind of ironic, but hey, it’s got to have some form of link to Atari, right? Sadly, Tempest isn’t one of the unlockable games, but it totally should be, because sure, why not.

Atari Fit 2 Atari Fit 1

2015 is a strange year when Atari’s making fitness apps and stopping developers who worked on their games from making modern versions of them, isn’t it?

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