‘BioShock’, ‘XCOM: Enemy Within’, and More 2K Games are on Sale

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[Editor’s Note: We accidentally jumped the gun posting these sales about 12 hours too early, but the price changes are now reflected in the US App Store so we bumped this bad boy up to the top so everybody can get a crack at these awesome sales!] 2K Games has just put several of their 2014 releases on to deep discount as part of their spring sale. Been meaning to check out the iOS version of BioShock? ($9.99) Well, it’s available at its cheapest price yet, for $2.99. The game is one of the best games of the past decade, and while its touch controls are a bit much, as to be expected of a console-to-mobile port, it has controller support. Another huge sale to check out? XCOM: Enemy Within ($4.99), which has gone down to $4.99 from $12.99. Considering that you probably can’t even pick up that in a Steam sale for that cheap, not bad.

The other games in the sale include Civilization Revolution 2 ($4.99), which might be welcome if you’ve been looking for a portable Civ game. NBA 2K15 ($7.99) is $2.99, and NHL 2K ($2.99) is $2.99 as well, perfect as those sports start to ramp up to their playoffs. Considering 2K makes and adapts big, console-style games for mobile, there’s some absurd value to be had from these games at their sale prices.

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