Two New Upcoming Characters are ‘Crossy Road’ Characters Teased: #TheDress and a Llama

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Few things are hotter right now than the hit indie sensation Crossy Road (Free). Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s (still) playing it, and developers are racing to clone it. I guess it doesn’t help that “Just make Crossy Road" has become a bit of a catch phrase on our podcast, but, hey, welcome to 2015. Anyway, two new characters just hit the Android version of the game on the Amazon App Store. They’re coming soon on iOS, but if you want a sneak peek, check out this video by YouTube superstar BitStern:

The two characters are #TheDress from, well, THE DRESS and the llamas from that ridiculous llama chase that totally somehow took over Twitter on the same day you’d expect everyone to be celebrating the net neutrality victory instead. They’re part of the upcoming UK update which adds 14 new characters, which can be seen in this video.

Now, what color is the Crossy Road dress?!

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