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‘Major Magnet’ Developers Announce New Game, ‘Circle Frenzy’

PagodaWest Games has been known for the Major Magnet ($1.99) games, including Major Magnet Arcade (Free), which have a real Sonic homage quality to them. Now, they’re doing something a bit more original in theme, with their upcoming game Circle Frenzy. This one will have you running around a spherical planet, dodging randomly-generated traps, and trying to make it to the exit warp that eventually pops up, because oh no, the planet’s going to explode! That is a problem.

There’s a risk-reward system where you can stick around on a planet for more points, but the problem there is that whole exploding-planet thing. The game looks nice, and the music sounds like it’s from the same composer as the Major Magnet games, which was fantastic, and I’m interested to see whatever PagodaWest has to do. And developers exploring the familiar fast-reaction genre in their own way is always intriguing to me. Expect this one soon, though no concrete launch date has been locked down.