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First ‘Heroes and Castles 2’ Trailer Released, and It is Glorious

hac2logoFoursaken Media has a cult-like following on iOS as they consistently bring large-scale, genre-melding experiences to the small scale of our devices, all offered up at an incredible value and with near-limitless playability. Their ability to blend genres in a way that makes sense is incredible, and one of their finer examples of this is 2012’s Heroes and Castles ($1.99). It had all the fun and strategy of a castle defense title, but it was set up as a 3rd-person action game that let you run around hacking and slashing the crap out of enemies to help your own cause.

As much as I adore the Bug Heroes series, I think Heroes and Castles might be my favorite Foursaken game. Back in October of last year they announced a sequel to Heroes and Castles which aimed at improving just about every aspect of the original. Those initial screens had fans salivating, but that’s nothing compared to the just-released gameplay trailer.

As you can see, Heroes and Castles 2 looks like everything Foursaken promised when it was originally announced. Better visuals, more stuff happening onscreen at once, more enemies and weaponry… basically just everything great from the first but better and more of it. While the trailer is quite lovely, Foursaken has also just sent out a beta build to beta testers in our forums, some of whom have been sharing their thoughts. Let’s just say that people aren’t shy about throwing the “Game of the Year" term around, and the game isn’t even finished yet!

What’s nice is that Foursaken was actually much further along with the game than they expected by the time the beta started, so they are anticipating this testing phase to be fairly quick as long as there are no major issues. Just a matter of polishing and tweaking minor things, then hopefully they can get Heroes and Castles 2 into our collective grubby little hands before too long.