Everywear Games is the First Studio Focusing on Smartwatch Games

everywear_logoIf you don’t really follow the business world of mobile, let me give you a brief summary of what it feels like the investment climate is like in Finland for mobile startups: One guy says, “Hey I’ve got an idea for a mobil…" at which point they’re interrupted by someone else dumping a figurative dump truck of money on top of them before they can finish their sentence. The up-side of this for us, is that it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of funding for people to do really cool and often totally experimental things- Or at least, this seems to be the case with the just announced Everywear Games.

Details are ultra-vague right now beyond their studio focus of producing simple games designed for smartwatches which are meant to be enjoyed in 5-15 second sessions- Or, as they call it, “Twitter-sized entertainment." It’s great that there’s studios forming specifically to figure this kind of thing out, as we’ve seen a few cool Apple Watch side projects, but no one aside from Everywear Games doubling down on making that their sole focus. They’ve got some big names behind the company, and an investment team that has had their hands in both the Supercell and Mojang cookie jars.

We’ve got a great thread in our forums discussing the Apple Watch, and while I’m still looking for a specific use case that really interests me enough to switch from wearing a traditional watch to a smartwatch daily… Some compelling gameplay experiences could definitely push me over the edge. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on what Everywear Games releases.