The Apple Watch Keynote is Starting Soon, Are You Expecting Games?

Today is the day that we all get to tally our score cards with regards to what the Apple rumor mill was and wasn’t right about with the announcement of the Apple Watch set to begin in just under two hours at 10:00 AM Pacific. A lot has been revealed already with regards to how the Apple Watch is going to work, as they were giving full-featured demos following the last keynote:

Two things we’re not entirely sure of yet is what the price spread is going to be like for the array of different devices Apple is going to release, and how much of a showing games are to have at the keynote. During GDC we talked to a few developers who all had projects in the works that involved the Apple Watch, but they were all keeping their cards close to their chest until after the keynote- Largely because what third party stuff gets featured during a keynote seems to be a game-time decision, and you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot by running your mouth.

So, with some potential secrets primed to be revealed during the keynote, what are you expecting? Will there be a strong enough presence at the keynote for Apple to essentially tell consumers “The Apple Watch is a gaming accessory you need to have if you’re into games," or are they going to double-down on health tracking? Or, what about games that also involve health-stuff, like Zombies, Run! (Free)?

Anyway, here’s your chance to post your predictions. These posts are always fun because we’ll be able to come back in a few hours and see who was totally spot on and who was totally wrong. Either way, if you want to follow along, hit up on your Mac or iOS device. Alternatively, it’ll be streaming on the Apple TV as well.