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GDC 2015: ‘Trial by Viking’ is a Mobile-Friendly Metroidvania with Grappling Hooks

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Last Life Games’ Dustin Hendricks came by at GDC to show off his upcoming action-platformer Trial by Viking. He calls it a ‘Mariovania’, a kind of hybrid between a Metroidvana and a more standard platformer. You control a viking trying to find Loki, helping Valkyries and the like as you make it through the game. Unlike most Metroidvania games which have open worlds, this is level-based, but the Metroidvania influence comes in with the different items that come into play, with things hidden in previous levels that may require something that you earned later on. Check out our lengthy hands-on video, but do note that due to a technical error there is no audio commentary for the first 4 minutes or so.

The game will feature a ton of content, though, as there’s 150 levels planned for the game, all meant to be somewhat short for pick up and play gameplay. The game is coming out on PC as well, but mobile has been kept in mind from the get-go in terms of controls and structure in the game. The level structure should help create a game with a diverse range of experiences to play with. Oh, and there’s a grappling hook you can use, because every game should have them. Expect this one this fall, the desktop version will come first, but the mobile version should arrive shortly after.

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