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GDC 2015: ‘MashUp Tactics’ Will Bring Hex Grids to Free-to-Play Turn-Based Strategy

Are other free-to-play, turn-based strategy games with character leveling and crafting just not “real game" enough for you? Well, good news: MashUp Tactics is coming this year, and it’s got hex grids. You’ll build an army of heroes, deploying six into battle on hex-based grids, trying to take out the other team of enemies. I went hands-on with the game in a demo here at GDC 2015, you can watch that and the TA Wrecking Crew smash opponents in the face:

The game will blend a variety of styles: if you prefer RPG auto-battlers, you can just fight those out, or you can play through each turn with each soldier, being able to undo moves as you undergo actions with everyone on your team before you send it to your opponent. There will be campaigns to play, missions to go through, and both same-device and online multiplayer to play. Expect a soft launch this summer, and a full launch later this year.