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GDC 2015: ‘Killing Floor: Calamity’ Is a Dual Stick Shooter Take On the Series

Folks familiar with developer Tripwire Interactive have probably heard of Killing Floor, a cooperative first person shooter that was launched on PC in 2009. While a formal sequel was recently announced, Tripwire Interactive has also been working on porting the world to mobile devices and has achieved that with Killing Floor: Calamity.

Originally released on OUYA in December 2013, Calamity is a dual-stick shooter with a top-down perspective. While the camera perspective, as well as the dual-stick shooter controls, are a departure from the series, Calamity retains the characters, weapons and enemies from the original. All in all, it looks like a neat twist to the original Killing Floor and based on our preview it looks like its made a successful transition to the touch-based controls of iOS.

Click on the video below for some hands-on footage with Tripwire Interactive. Otherwise, look to see more on Killing Floor: Calamity as it makes its iOS debut in the next few months.