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GDC 2015: ‘Forma.8’ Still Exists, Hopes to Release This Year

MixedBag Studios’ Forma.8 has been in the works for a long time now, several years since its initial incarnation. While Futuridium EP ($0.99) came out in the interim, MixedBag is hoping to get Forma.8 out this year. They showed us off the game this year at GDC, seeing the latest version running on iPad with the latest visuals and gameplay features, like the bomb physics that are in play.

The Metroidvania-style adventure is coming to other platforms, but the mobile version is still coming, and they’re hoping later this year. The game uses drag controls to move around, and the protagonist has an intertia that actually feels pretty good with the dragging around. I’ve been utterly fascinated by the game whenever I’ve seen it, as the idea of an abstract Metroidvania like this, with no text at all, seems like something that could really turn out great. I’ll be interested to see how the full version turns out – and we’ll see if it finally releases this year – but this should be one to still keep on your radar, just as it was in the past few years.