‘Badland’ Update #23 Brings New Co-Op Levels, Achievements, and Missions

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The Badland ($0.99) update train keeps rolling along! Update #23 for the hit platformer is out now, and it brings the levels added to the Daydream level pack earlier to the game’s co-op mode, so up to four players can go through those levels together. While those levels were free at one point in time, they can now be had for $0.99, along with the Doomsday level pack. Even if you’ve already played the levels, you can now collect 4 new achievements and play 30 new missions in the game.

Badland has been regularly updated since its initial release, and there’s nothing to suggest that more content isn’t on the way. The game is also making the leap to other platforms, where it will be interesting to see how people take to the one-touch gameplay of Badland on systems where physical controls are the norm. Future Badland games are in the works, and while they have a lot to live up to with the critical and financial success of Badland, I’m curious to see what Frogmind has up next.


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