Square Enix and Mediatonic’s ‘Heavenstrike Rivals’ Launches Worldwide

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Square Enix and developer Mediatonic announced Heavenstrike Rivals (Free) a few months ago, putting the game in soft launch. Well, that has ended and the game is at last available worldwide starting today, just ahead of the busy Thursday launch period for most of the world. This game from the prolific RPG publisher and the developer known for the remake of Hatoful Boyfriend is a hybrid between a strategy game and a trading card game, as you send characters into battle on an 8×3 grid, trying to defeat your opponent’s own cast of heroes.

The game boasts real-time online multiplayer against opponents, to go along with the campaign mode. The game has a Final Fantasy pedigree to go along with it – there’s characters designed by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character designer Ryoma-Ito, and music from Ryo Yamazaki, who did music for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It could prove to be an interesting mix of genres and styles, and you can check it out now.

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