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Android-Exclusive Action-RPG-Platformer ‘Magic Rampage’ Due for iOS

Magic Rampage is a game that we caught word of recently thanks to one of our forum posters – and while you need an Android device to play it right now, you should be playing this one on iOS soon enough. This is an action-RPG platformer where you make your way through myriad dungeons, killing all sorts of creatures. Ever wanted to kill a zombie with a headshot via dagger, in a 2D RPG platformer? Magic Rampage will provide just that for you. The game is level-based but also has a survival mode for endless play.

The game is free-to-play on Android, but is paid on Ouya (which, yes, still exists), so premium fans have something to hope for there. The game is confirmed for iOS, so hope for it sooner than later. I played through some of the game on Android, and I found there were some clever aspects, like Super Mario Bros. style hidden areas where you can run along above-screen areas, which contain loads of gold to collect. Keep an eye out for this one.