The Creators of ‘Canabalt’, ‘Ridiculous Fishing’, and More are Judging the Indie Plus Contest at GDC

The annual Game Developers Conference brings forth a bunch of awards shows during the week of the event, because it’s the biggest developer-focused show. All the big names are there, so you get awards and contests like the IGF awards, IMGA awards, and whatnot. Publisher FunPlus is running another one of these contests, but focused around mobile gaming, and with an esteemed panel of judges. The FunPlus Indie Plus Contest is taking submissions until tomorrow, February 25th, for the best independent mobile games.


Who’s judging the event? Well, you have Adam Saltsman of Canabalt ($2.99) fame. Nathan Vella of Capy, developers of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP ($3.99). And you also have one of the many clones of the constantly jet-setting Rami Ismail, behind Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) and Super Crate Box (Free). As well, you have Louis Castle, who co-founded Command and Conquer creators Westwood Studios, Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany, Ryan Payton of Camouflaj, and Andy Zhong, the CEO of FunPlus. The winner gets $10,000. Second place gets a Lenovo Y50 laptop. Run a spyware check on it first. Third place gets an iPad Air 2. With a talented judging panel, it may just be worth keeping an eye on whatever they choose as their top 3 choices next Tuesday, March 3rd.