Beloved Addams Family Table Arrives in ‘Pinball Arcade’

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Pinball Arcade ($0.99) is like a digital museum of real-life pinball machines that’s been kicking around on various platforms, including iOS, for a few years now. It’s had a staggering number of pinball machines added to it over the years, some that are high-profile, big-name IPs and some more obscure stuff. The holy grail of these real-life pinball machines is The Addams Family Pinball which was created and release in the early ’90s to coincide with the Addams Family movie.

Fans have been begging for The Addams Family Pinball in Pinball Arcade for a long time, but dealing with licensed properties can be tricky. Last September, Pinball Arcade developer FarSight Studios took to Kickstarter to ask the fans directly for the funds they would need to obtain the rights to publish The Addams Family Pinball inside of Pinball Arcade. The Kickstarter campaign was successful, raising over $100,000, and today the fruit of all that effort has arrived as The Addams Family Pinball has just been added to Pinball Arcade on iOS via its latest update.

The update literally just hit, so we haven’t really taken the new table for a spin just yet, but we’ve got our own crack reviewer Shaun Musgrave on the case. He’s personally requested to review The Addams Family Pinball, saying “that one’s really special to me," so I think you’re in for a treat if you enjoy Shaun’s work. So keep an eye out for a review soon, and in the meantime check out the forum thread for some discussion and download the new Pinball Arcade update to take The Addams Family Pinball for a test drive yourself.

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