‘Temple Run 2’ Adds Bruce Lee as Playable Character, Watch Lonnie Play as Him

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Temple Run 2 (Free) is swiftly becoming a game where you can run with all sorts of famous celbrities, and that’s not a bad thing. Usain Bolt makes perfect sense, NFL players seem like smart additions, but perhaps Bruce Lee may be a bit more of an unorthodox addition to the game. Well, he is the orthodoxy now, as you can now play as the martial arts legend in Temple Run 2. Hey, he is a swift and athletic guy, I bet he wasn’t slow. In any case, he can outrun demon monkeys here. And why not have everyone’s favorite iOS game YouTuber, the rad Lonnie, play as him?

Bruce Lee did make a cameo in last year’s EA UFC game, so this is not his first video game cameo in recent memory. You can nab Bruce Lee for a $0.99 in-app purchase, and he’s listed as a limited-time character, so get on that while you can. I’d be concerned if, say, a celebrity sloth became a playable character in the game, but until then, bring on more Temple Run 2 characters! And I look forward to the Bruce Lee Clash of Clans (Free) clone that he’s sure to cameo in at some point.

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