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‘Alto’s Adventure’ Has the Most Beautiful Trailer for an Endless Snowboarding Game You’ll Ever See

There are many ways to do a trailer for an endless snowboarding game. Let’s watch the trailer for Alto’s Adventure, releasing next week, February 19th. It features a somber soundtrack, showing off the game’s many environments, with the gameplay kind of just happening along with the music and visuals being shown off. You might not catch the snowboarder if you’re only half-watching it.

Now compare this to the RAD Boarding trailer, which is also an endless snowboarding game releasing soon, but with a very different aim to it:

This isn’t to say that either approach is better, just that, hey, it is possible to make wildly-divergent aesthetics for games that are essentially the same core gameplay. Alto’s Adventure does look gorgeous, and it has you performing snowboarding tricks among procedurally-generated terrain with a variety of weather effects, and completing 180 goals along the way. You’ll eventually unlock up to 6 characters, and get the wingsuit, which changes the game dramatically. It releases next week for $1.99 with no in-app purchases, but I wouldn’t expect a ten-minute video like this with Alto playing violin: