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‘MicRogue’ from ‘Relic Rush’ Developer Lives On, Game is Near Completion

Sometimes it’s easy for games to fall by the wayside, especially ones made by independent developers, many of whom are weekend warriors. MicRogue was one of those games that seemed to fall prey to this. However, the game by Jason Pickering, which has been in the works since 2013, is apparently nearing the finish line in its development. The developer did some work on the game Chaos Reborn for PC, but now he’s back to focusing on MicRogue – and the game is apparently done, with just meta-features left to add in before the game’s eventual release.

MicRogue is expected to be a fast-paced puzzle roguelike, where you have to ascend through an enemy-filled tower, trying to kill enemies by jumping on their square, while avoiding them doing the same to you. Pickering is also the developer behind Relic Rush ($0.99), which was a fun game released a couple years back. He’s participating in the forum thread for the game, and given people’s love of roguelikes, there’s some excitement for this one to finally see the light of day.