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‘RBI Baseball 15’ Announced with More Features Than Last Year

Last year, MLB Advanced Media released RBI Baseball 14 ($4.99), reviving the classic 8-bit baseball game for modern platforms. Thankfully, spring training is around the corner, and MLBAM is releasing RBI Baseball 15 this year, with the game hitting pretty much every gaming platform out there, including iOS. While the game will retain the 2-button gameplay that tried to skew as close as possible to the 8-bit version as possible, there are some new feature en route. All 30 teams’ stadiums will be playable – hopefully with the giant home run sculpture at Marlins Park in full effect. Each team’s 25-man roster will be available from their 40-man roster, so you’ll be able to hopefully swap out prospects and players as needed for ultimate roster flexibility. Heck, many simulations struggle with the 40-man roster concept, so this seems exciting enough.

Additionally, there will be stat tracking, and online play has been announced, though I’ll expect that for the mobile version when I see it. Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs will be the cover athlete as well. There’s a lack of great baseball games out there on mobile – we really need Super Mega Baseball on mobile – and while RBI Baseball really eschews any modern gameplay advances in baseball simulations, at least if you want a simple game, or something that plays a lot like what you had back in the 8-bit era, the additional features in RBI Baseball 15 should be enticing enough to check this one out in spring.