‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ Gets Even More Spider-Men and New Events in Latest Update

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Spider-Man Unlimited (Free) continues on its goal of bringing as many Spider-Men as possible into one game. Too Many Spider-Men? Gameloft says no. 8 new Spider-Men, or Spider-People, I suppose, have been added in the latest update, including Spider-Punk, Anya Corazon aka Spider-Girl, Classic Spider-Woman, and Earth X Spider-Man. You can now play with these Spider-Men in a new subway level environment that’s available to run through.

New story content has been added, as villains Jennix and Daemos join the Great Hunt, added in the last big update to Spider-Man Unlimited. As well, if you want more Spider-Men in future updates, an upcoming community vote will allow folks to vote for the next Spider-Man to be added to the game. As well, the game has new event types including unlimited revive runs, a new way to progress in story mode with Team Spidey Power (based on score multiplier), and an upcoming Chinese New Year event. The event is available right now.

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