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Prepare for Wisdom or Weirdness with Zach Gage’s #Fortune, Out This Week

Zach Gage, creator of Spelltower ($2.99) and Bit Pilot ($1.99), who also worked on Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99), has a new app in the works, #Fortune. What this app does is that it generates fortunes based on tweets, hopefully creating meaningful sayings, or randomness worthy of an ebooks Twitter account. The app will be free and will give you new fortunes over time, though you can also watch a video ad to get 2 more fortunes instantly. You can share out the fortunes to Twitter or Facebook, and there’s different visual flourishes for different times of day. Some of the fortunes may be inappropriate due to the third-party content being fed in to the app, so there is a report button.

The app is based on a physical machine that Zach Gage built over the last couple years that would print out a similar fortune, which he had shared to Twitter often. Now you can enjoy the occasionally-enlightening weirdness for yourselves, starting this Thursday, February 5th.