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This Ultra-Catchy ‘One Player Pong’ Trailer Will Ensure You Can Still Get Your Game On Even If You’re Forever Alone

It’s a fact: Making friends is hard. It’s also super overrated. Modern advertising would have you believe that in order to be able to play a video game such as Pong, you’d need at least one other human being there with you. This simply isn’t true, and the upcoming One Player Pong is here to prove it. Check out the trailer below which is set to a catchy ’50s-era advertising jingle performed by Mark Saul.

Now, this isn’t the first game to use the “solo circular Pong" idea, and in fact App Cow’s Circle Pong! (Free) is probably the most popular of the bunch. However, as One Player Pong developer Sean Kearney tells us via email, the similarities between the two games weren’t intentional, and he’d actually been inspired to create One Player Pong by something QWOP ($0.99) developer Bennet Foddy said during the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC last year. He urged every aspiring game designer to create a variant of Pong and a variant of Chess, and One Player Pong is what Kearney came up with for his variant on Pong. It looks really cool, and really fun, and darn it if that trailer isn’t catchy.

One Player Pong should be arriving along with all the rest of the week’s new releases tomorrow night, so keep an eye out for it.