Hulu is Running Acura Ads Featuring… The Angry Birds Music?

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Working from home my house is often weird and quiet, so I’ve usually got something running in the background like Spotify, Netflix, or Hulu I’m paying about 3% attention to. Today’s background noise happens to be Hulu, where they’re running a new (Or at least this is the first time they’ve been shuffled into what I’ve been watching) ad featuring the Acura TLX and… Angry Birds?

It’s a weird crossover, that’s for sure. When I think “Acura" I don’t really think “These cars remind me of Angry Birds" or vice versa. But, hey, whatever works. It’s just sort of amazing to me to see mobile gaming permeating so much of our pop culture. There were three huge budget commercials during the Super Bowl, and now Angry Birds in luxury car ads? That’s neat any way you slice it.

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