Era-Spanning RPG Homage ‘Evoland’ Finally Hits iOS

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Shiro Games’ Evoland ($2.99) has finally made its way to iOS, sneaking on to the App Store on Monday night. This game is an homage to the history of RPG gaming, as you start out in a pixelly, monochrome world, and eventually evolve into a full 3D world. The game even mixes in a number of combat styles, as you fight in top-down Zelda style, as well as turn-based Final Fantasy style. You’ll spy a number of homages to classic RPGs all over the place while progressing through the story, so if that sort of thing is candy to you, you’ll want to check this out.

The game has been on desktop for a couple years now, and at last it’s made its way to mobile, both on iOS and Android. The game is a pretty impressive mixture of styles, and you’ll likely be able to at least recognize the different eras of gaming that are being represented. Honestly, even just seeing the PS1 and N64 eras of gaming represented in a world where pixel art is the norm (not that I’m complaining!) makes Evoland stand out. Check out the forum thread to chat with other players, and keep an eye out for a review from us. They’re also working on a sequel, hopefully that makes its way to iOS quicker than the original!

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