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‘Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham’ Fights Brainiac This Summer

There’s a load of Lego games in the works, and iOS is getting at least one of them: Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham is scheduled to hit mobile this summer. This is more than just Batman, as the name indicates, as many of the Justice League members will get involved, in order to stop Brainiac from destroying Earth. Even some of the Legion of Doom characters will be playable. Developed by Lego game mainstay TT Games, there’s not any real screens or details beyond the premise, so here’s an unrelated clip of Batman from The Lego Movie.

Additionally, there’s games based on Jurassic World and The Avengers releasing for console and PC later this year. I mention these if only because it’s not out of question that something could happen like The Lego Movie Video Game ($4.99) or Lego The Lord of the Rings ($4.99), where it releases a while after the console/PC versions, likely because they don’t want to undercut the value of a $40-60 game with a version they’ll just charge $5 for on mobile.