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PAX South: Undead Labs Puts a Real-Time Spin on Creature Battling with ‘Moonrise’

Undead Labs had two vastly different games on display here at PAX South. One was the PC version of zombie survival game State of Decay. The other was a mobile game called Moonrise, which is being published by Kabam, and is currently in soft launch in Canada and Denmark. This game is somewhat of a Pokemon style of creature battler game, where you will collect monsters and battle them out against opponents, but the combat is quite different from other games. You instead can summon out two of your six creatures at a time, and they have attacks with different cooldown timers, which you must manage in order to defeat your opponent. The trainer is also a battler with their own attacks, and there’s two ways to win: either defeat the trainer, or defeat all of the enemy creatures.

The game features live player-versus-player combat, and you can see other players out in the world and challenge them to a match right then and there, as I got to on the show floor. I won, of course. There’s player-versus-environment missions galore to go on, and creatures to collect using the limited resource of keys. There’s also a draft mode where you get a team on the spot and must fight in battles with them in these on-the-fly challenges, just to mix things up. It’s definitely an interesting spin on the creature-battler that may be worth keeping an eye on. Check out a new developer diary here as well: