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‘Cut the Rope’ Developer ZeptoLab Announce ‘King of Thieves’, a Hybrid of Platforming and Defense

For a number of years, Angry Birds was the face of mobile gaming. It was a household name across the globe, and it seemed like everyone and their brother had played or at least heard of Angry Birds. One of the first games to really rival that type of success was ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope. The series’ casual-friendly puzzle gameplay has captured the hearts of over 600 million people across all platforms and titles, and just as many have fallen in love with its adorable main character Om Nom. ZeptoLabs has been riding high on the success of the Cut the Rope brand, and it’s always interesting to see where a company goes after having a mega-hit like that. Today we get the first glimpse of what’s next as ZeptoLab has announced their latest project called King of Thieves. Check out the teaser.

Unfortunately, that teaser is all they’ve revealed publicly of the game so far, but they describe the game as a hybrid of an auto-running platformer and a tower defense game. It’s also heavily multiplayer focused. You’ll run and jump over a variety of hazards as you try to penetrate your opponent’s defenses and steal their treasure. Likewise, you’ll need to beef up your own defenses to try and prevent other players from busting down your doors and taking your riches while you aren’t looking. Think of something like Rayman Jungle Run-meets-Clash of Clans. It certainly sounds like an interesting mashup of ideas, and I’m looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay. King of Thieves is scheduled for release next month, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of it before then.