Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Series’ Second Episode, “The Lost Lords,” Gets Release Date

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Telltale’s just revealed the pertinent details for the second episode in their Game of Thrones (Free) series. “The Lost Lords" will be available on Thursday, February 5th, the same week as other systems. Telltale’s released a trailer teasing some of what to expect from the next episode, including appearances from other characters in the HBO show. We won’t spoil anything here if you haven’t played the first episode yet, but if you have or if you’re not afraid of spoilers, here’s the trailer:

The episode will, as always, be available as an in-app purchase and available as part of the season pass. Remember that Game of Thrones is a six-episode season versus Telltale’s average of five episodes. Our Eli Hodapp reviewed episode one, and you can catch his thoughts right here. Given some of Eli’s complaints about the fan-service-y nature of the first episode, how this one winds up shaking out will be interesting to see. Hopefully we hear more about a new Tales from the Borderlands (Free) episode soon enough as well…


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