‘Super Crate Box’ and ‘The Blocks Cometh’ Both Getting Long-Awaited Updates

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Two of our very favorite iOS games, Super Crate Box (Free) and The Blocks Cometh (Free), are getting some update love soon, according to a tweet from developer Halfbot. Super Crate Box is an arena platformer that put indie studio Vlambeer on the map when it released on desktop in 2010. It came to iOS in January of 2012, and despite being a highly-precise platformer, it felt absolutely at home on the touchscreen. Vlambeer had a pretty clever idea for updating the game too, as once certain crate-collection thresholds were met they’d release a new content update. The problem, if you could call it that, was that Super Crate Box was so unexpectedly popular that those thresholds were being met faster than Vlambeer was able to produce content updates.

While Super Crate Box did receive a few content updates throughout 2012, it hasn’t seen any form of update since December of that year, more than two years ago. In the App Store text of that last update, Vlambeer promised 4-inch widescreen support for the then-new iPhone 5, hopefully to come sometime around February 2013. Obviously that didn’t happen, but in December of 2013 Vlambeer noted in a year-end blog post that the long-overdue Super Crate Box iOS update should hit sometime in January 2014. Well, that didn’t happen either. However, with the tweet from Halfbot, who was responsible for porting Super Crate Box to iOS for Vlambeer, it looks like the update will finally see the light of day.

Also mentioned in that tweet is an update for Halfbot’s The Blocks Cometh, an awesome endless vertical platformer that just so happens to feature the TouchArcade staff as playable characters. The Blocks Cometh hasn’t been neglected as long as Super Crate Box has, and in fact it received its own widescreen support update in April of 2013. I’m highly satisfied with The Blocks Cometh in its current state, but I sure won’t turn down any new updates, and I really look forward to seeing what Halfbot has in store for the game. No timetable or details have been given for either update, but it’s comforting to know that there’s still good things to come from both of these iOS classics.

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