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‘Chesslike’ Marries Dungeon Crawling with Chess Pieces, Coming to iOS and Android this Month

Everybody loves dungeon crawlers, but it’s the type of genre that’s so old that sometimes it needs some spicing up. We’ve seen all sorts of different takes on the dungeon crawler over the years, but there’s one genre mashup that I’ve never seen before: Chess. That’s where Chesslike: Adventures in Chess comes in. It’s a dungeon crawler-type experience, but your heroes in the game are actual chess pieces, and are bound by the very same rules of movement that they would be in a traditional game of chess. It makes a whole lot more sense after you check out the trailer.

You can actually play Chesslike right now in your browser if you click this link. I’ve only played through the first few levels of the browser version so far, as I don’t want to spoil it before the iOS release, but I like what I’ve seen. It feels a lot like a puzzle game as you figure out the solution to get to the exit of each “floor" of the dungeon. It’s really pretty cool. Chesslike: Adventures in Chess will be available later this month for iOS and Android.