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Gameloft is Making ‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ According to a Teaser Site

So one of our forum moderators, killercow, found something pretty interesting: there’s a teaser video on a site called “Stand Against the Chaos"Hmmm. Within the site’s code, there’s a reference to this inactive URL which has Dungeon Hunter 5 in it. Also, a Dungeon Hunter 5 URL on Gameloft’s website leads to an active page, and not a 404 page. Interesting.

The “Stand Against the Chaos" page counts down to 11pm central on Monday night, so we’ll likely find out more then. As well, Gameloft’s giving a panel on mobile streaming at PAX South in San Antonio next weekend, so it’s possible that this game will have Twitch streaming like a few other Gameloft titles. And it’s quite likely that this game will make an appearance there next week. We’ll have more as this develops.