‘Monument Valley’ Has Been a Total Success For Ustwo

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Ustwo Games has just released an infographic showing off how Monument Valley ($3.99) has done in the marketplace. Thankfully, the game has been a smashing success, pulling in over $5.8 million in revenue from the sale of over 2.4 million copies and over 575,000 sales of the Forgotten Shores DLC. The base game cost $852,000 to produce, and the DLC $549,000, meaning that the game has made a hefty profit for the studio. This is rather heartening considering that the game was particularly beloved both critically and by players, and since paid games are such a risk these days, seeing a well-crafted paid game like this be successful is heartening.

There’s some interesting info about Forgotten Shores, the expansion that released recently. Ustwo sold 575,608 copies of the DLC, and the development cost was $549,000 over 29 weeks of work. While it’s nice to see that they did profit off of the expansion, it should serve as a reminder to folks who wanted the content for free that things like this often take a lot of time and money to produce. While I understand why people want free post-release content, because so many games have done so, it’s not free to produce.

The most important info: over 2.2 million totems drowned. You’re monsters, all of you.

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