‘Marvel Pinball’ is Free Again, Individual Tables Drop to 99¢

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If you missed this the last time it went free, make sure you don’t make that mistake again. Marvel Pinball ($0.99) is yet another suite of pinball tables from the pinball wizards at ZEN Studios. They’re also responsible for Zen Pinball (Free), The Walking Dead Pinball ($1.99) and much more. The way their pinball games work is pretty cool, in that they’re a collection of tables you can permanently unlock via IAP.

In this case, The Avengers table is included for free, and you can drop a buck each to unlock tables centralized around Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, and a bunch of other popular Marvel franchises. Check out the trailer from the original release:

This isn’t the first time Marvel Pinball has been free, so it’s a substantially less exciting freebie alert than usual… But, it is a really good game, so if for some reason you didn’t grab it before, be sure to grab it now. If you like the included table, drop some cash on the other ones, they’re all great.

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