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‘Active Soccer 2’ Will Deliver Comprehensive Arcade-Style Soccer on the App Store Soon

The Fox Software has announced a release date for their upcoming arcade soccer game Active Soccer 2: January 30th. This is a soccer game that takes inspiration from other top-down soccer games like Sensible Soccer, where simple controls and less-than-realistic features like midair shot angle changing will be available, making the game hopefully a bit more fun and accessible for the casual soccer fan or for the person who doesn’t need the most realistic soccer game, just ideally a fun one.

While arcade-style play is the goal for the game, the game will not be lacking for features. There will be a manager mode complete with player transfers; 800 teams and 21,000 players are in the game, which do appear to be based on real ones, at least based on the trailer. Realistic physics and weather effects come into play. Online multiplayer that allegedly supports play against the desktop version of the game will be available as well. iCade support has been promised, and hopefully MFi gamepad support will make it in as well. This game sounds incredibly ambitious, but The Fox Software has made several soccer games in the past, including a previous Active Soccer ($1.99) game for iOS. If this one sticks the landing, it could be an exciting one for soccer fans.

The developers have been active in the thread for the game on our forums, feel free to join in, as they are answering questions. Expect Active Soccer 2 on January 30th as a premium app.