‘Gyro Skate’ Turns Your Phone Into a Skateboard

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In mid-2012 we posted about Taiso (Free), a super-silly game where you controlled a gymnast by twirling your phone around. We thought it was a hilarious idea, and finally someone has picked up that torch to bring us another super-silly game. Gyro Skate (Free) uses your phone as a skateboard. Unlike Touchgrind Skate 2 (Free) or True Skate ($1.99), you use your whole phone instead of your fingers to control the game. Want to do a kick flip? Flip your phone over. 360 flip? This time flip your phone over with some spin.

Cooler yet, assuming you go to ridiculous lengths of actually modding a skateboard to hold your phone, it’ll register you doing actual skateboard tricks as well. Check out this second video:

I’m sure much like when we posted about Taiso people will get all worked up about how this will break your phone, but, hey, you could just not fiddle with Gyro Skate on concrete. Assuming you’re a bad enough dude to give the game a shot, it features four different stages of difficulty and can recognize 32 different tricks. If you’re not that into skating and don’t know what a 720 Laser Double Heelflip is, it’s all good, the game includes videos showing what each trick looks like.

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    Gyro Skate turns your iPhone into a skateboard for your fingers. You do a trick and Gyroskate knows what’s going on. …
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