An Update to ‘Goat Simulator’ on Mobile Likely Coming in Late January or February

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This news flew under the radar a bit, but a few weeks back Coffee Stain Studios spelled out their plans for Goat Simulator ($6.99) on mobile, and fans of the wacky sandbox game should be pretty excited about it. As they explain in a post on their blog, they’re currently working on bringing a new level, Goat City Bay, as well as “a ton of new goats" to the iOS and Android versions of Goat Simulator. Even though this is content that’s already in the PC version of the game, they have to essentially build everything from scratch in order to make it work in the mobile version, which is then followed by “"months of optimizing, building and testing in a cycle that takes a really long time." So it’s not like they’re ignoring you, mobile goat enthusiasts, it’s just time-consuming work.

The team is shooting for having this mobile patch done sometime in late January, but they aren’t making any guarantees since they want to make sure the new content is as bug-free as possible. Yes, I realize the irony in shooting for a bug-free patch in a game that’s all about weird bugs and glitches, but nobody likes a crash-prone game experience so let’s just let them do their thing. They liken this upcoming mobile patch to the big 1.1 update that was added to the PC version over the summer, but they also state “it might differ on some parts too. You’ll just have to wait and see." I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited, as Goat Simulator is some of the most fun I’ve had on my iPhone. We’ll bring you any more news on the update as it gets closer to completion.

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