‘Bounce On Back’ Updated with Game Center and Challenge Levels, New Lite Version Released

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The end of November saw the return of one of iOS’s first platforming game mascots with the release of Bounce On Back ($2.99), the third entry in the Bounce On series. This week Bounce On Back received its first content update. The update includes Game Center leaderboard integration, so you can compete with the world on level completion times. The game also received its first batch of Challenge levels with more planned for future updates.

In addition to the new content, this update also includes a screen-flip option, improved touch controls, and some minor graphical fixes. If you are on the fence about Bounce On Back, a new lite version has also been released which includes four regular levels and two challenge levels so you can get a taste of what the game is all about.

Developer Iddy Biddy Games has plans for a second world too, but how soon that will be coming all depends on how well the game sells. So if you liked previous Bounce On games, at the very least check out the new lite version of Bounce On Back as this is one of the better platforming series available on mobile.

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