Square Enix’s Holiday Sale Begins

squareenixIt’s that time of the year again when tons of great games can be had at deep discounts, and for RPG fans, that means it’s time to get some of Square Enix’s usually relatively pricey games at bargain prices. It wasn’t too long ago that Square Enix held a Final Fantasy sale that included many of these games, but this sale also includes some spin-offs and a few non-Final Fantasy titles. Some of the price changes are still rolling out, so if you don’t see the sale price in your store yet, just hang in there, they’ll be along soon. Here’s the list so far:

There may be more stragglers coming along, but that seems to be the bulk of them. It’s worth pointing out that if you’re running iOS 8, Chaos Rings 2 currently doesn’t work at all, and Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 have sound issues. The rest of the titles on the list are fine, however, and while Square Enix is known for taking a long time to update broken games, they usually do update them sooner or later. You might want to take the jump anyway at prices like these.